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Wednesday, March 15, 2023
Take Stock in Children PBC is expanding services to include workforce development opportunities for our students. We hope to partner with local businesses that seek to provide training tools and resources to 18-22-year-old college going students.  As our students transition from education and into the workforce, this is a great opportunity for students to explore career options in a field they are more
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Wednesday, March 15, 2023
The Autism Innovations and Global Impact Conference: RE-creating RECREATION kicks off March 23 and 24, 2023 at The Els Center of Excellence®, 18370 Limestone Creek Road, Jupiter, Florida.  Co-Hosted by Dr. Marlene Sotelo and Dr. Erin Brooker Lozott of Els for Autism®, the conference will focus on demonstrating how RECREATION can be used as a platform for other therapeutic interventions. The more
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Sunday, August 14, 2022
On August 8th, the Florida Board of Medicine approved the revision of a rule dating back to 1998 that highly restricted the treatment of obesity as a chronic disease. Under the new revised law, patients have access to the full spectrum of medical, evidence-based treatments, already available across the nation, for long-term management of this complex disease.  The Standards for the Prescription more
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