Ideal Nutrition has expanded in West Palm Beach

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November 29, 2021

West Palm Beach, FL –Ideal Nutrition has expanded in West Palm Beach, opening a brand new corporate office and creating more than 100 jobs in the community. The corporate office is located at 250 S Australian Ave, Suite 1204 and the new 43,000 sq. ft. kitchen facility will be located at 350 Haverhill Road.

Founded in Palm Beach County in 2016, Ideal Nutrition has grown to three storefront locations spanning from Boca Raton up to Palm Beach Gardens. The distribution facility in West Palm Beach will include an expanded commissary kitchen, allowing it to cook more efficiently to accommodate the rapid growth.

We offer more than 40 different meals and create new menu items weekly, providing them in the form of delivery, pick-up or subscriptions. This hybrid model has proven to cater to the needs of many different markets. With state-of-the-art technology, anyone can walk into the storefront locations to choose their freshly cooked meal directly out of refrigerators, heat it up on site, and dine on the spot. The new expansion will prepare more meals for the storefronts; but the future goal is to expand the delivery service nationally.

The corporate office is now open and ready to help make our services even more efficient. If you’re looking to apply, head to our website  

"We've seen exponential growth here in the county, both in population and in business, and we wanted to be part of that growth," said Matthew Steinberg, Vice President of Ideal Nutrition.

“Ideal Nutrition’s expansion is a testament to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Palm Beach County. With more people aware of the importance of living healthier lifestyles, we only see the company tripling in size over the coming years. Thank you to Palm Beach County’s Planning, Zoning and Building department for assisting with expedited permitting,” said Kelly Smallridge, President and CEO of the Business Development Board.

Hannah Liljekvist, Marketing Manager, 1-888-557-2018